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Quad Axle Dump Trucks

What is a Quad Axle Dump Truck?

Quad axle dump trucks are generally 14 wheeled heavy duty trucks with 2 powered axles and 2 non-powered drop axles. Quad axle dump trucks can withstand longer and heavier loads as opposed to tri-axle dump trucks or tandems. Quads are typically manufactured with and 18 Ft. steel dump body, drivers should also be aware of laws regarding per axle capacity. We manufacture with brand new steel dump bodies, hendrickson suspensions, new p.t.o’s, new pumps, semi-balloon front tires, aluminum rims and a minimum 400 hp engine. Brands we generally use are Mack, Freightliner and International. Pricing on trucks can range from $72,900 – $87,900. Financing options are also available, we offer bank loans for excellent credit customers, finance company loans for decent credit customers, and subprime credit loans for all other credit scores. Click here to view our inventory Quad Axle Dump Trucks For Sale Apply for financing here Quad Axle Financing

How much does a Dump Truck cost?

Purchasing a Dump Truck

There are various types of Dump Trucks from single axle – quad axle which are most common. Start-up owner operators can save money by purchasing a used dump truck instead of new. Most financial institutions in these cases would require a high down payment about 30% – 50% since the customer is considered a risk, especially if they have a low credit score. But if the customer has at least 2 years in business and a decent credit score the down payment may be lower. Used dump trucks can range from $15,000 – $1000,000 depending on its conditions and specifications. While new dump trucks can cost up to more than $150,000. In the case of purchasing a used dump truck it is recommended to purchase from a dealer that can guarantee at least 30 days of the truck functioning as opposed to purchasing a used dump truck by owner where everything could go wrong.

If you have any questions or would like to apply for financing you can do so by clicking here Dump Truck Financing

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Section 179 Tax Deduction for 2018

By E.R. Truck & Equipment | December 13, 2018

The 2018 deduction limit is $1,000,000. This deduction is good for new and used equipment and in order to qualify the equipment must be purchased or financed by December 31, 2018. A $2,500,000 maximum can be spent on eligible equipment before the available tax deduction is reduced.

For more information about your potential tax savings, you can use the official Section 179 calculator.

Contact us today if you’re in the market for a Pre-owned Dump Truck, Vacuum Truck, Septic Truck, Grapple Truck or Roll Off Truck. We typically carry over 100 units in stock and ready to go. Our competitive financing can help you into the equipment you need and get you to work.

Freightliner Delivers 50,000th Cascadia

Freightliner Trucks has delivered its 50,000th new Cascadia since its start of production in January 2017. Demand for the Cascadia, combined with strong market conditions, has contributed to Daimler Trucks North America’s (DTNA’s) success in the market.

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