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How much does a Dump Truck cost?

Purchasing a Dump Truck

There are various types of Dump Trucks from single axle – quad axle which are most common. Start-up owner operators can save money by purchasing a used dump truck instead of new. Most financial institutions in these cases would require a high down payment about 30% – 50% since the customer is considered a risk, especially if they have a low credit score. But if the customer has at least 2 years in business and a decent credit score the down payment may be lower. Used dump trucks can range from $15,000 – $1000,000 depending on its conditions and specifications. While new dump trucks can cost up to more than $150,000. In the case of purchasing a used dump truck it is recommended to purchase from a dealer that can guarantee at least 30 days of the truck functioning as opposed to purchasing a used dump truck by owner where everything could go wrong.

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