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Inventory Websites Developed For Brokers

Both Websites Have The Same Inventory

ENGLISH WEBSITE: www.trucksandheavymachinery.com SPANISH WEBSITE: www.camionesyequipospesados.com After many years of working with brokers we have developed a close relationship and the idea of developing an inventory website for brokers. We understand the need for brokers to quickly offer their clients specifications, pictures, and videos for trucks and equipment that are available. To make this process as easy and fast as possible we have created two individual website one in Spanish and the other in English. Both websites have our updated live inventory with specifications and the most recent pictures and video of the units. On both of these websites there are NO links back to E.R. Truck & Equipment, NO phone numbers, NO emails or references to E.R. Truck and Equipment.


  • Offer customers over 200 units as your own inventory!
  • All units are available and ready to ship out of Miami
  • Competitive prices
  • Pictures and VIDEOS of equipment
  • Website available in Spanish and English
The idea is that our Brokers can offer over 200 units to their customers without E.R. Truck & Equipment being involved in the deal. On the brokers website clients can get all the information they need to make a purchasing decision. At E.R. Truck and Equipment we are always looking to grow and develop new ways to work closer with our Brokers. We are always open to new ideas and suggestion to help our brokers sell our inventory so please feel free to contact us. Strength in number and strength in unity. ENGLISH WEBSITE: www.trucksandheavymachinery.com SPANISH WEBSITE: www.camionesyequipospesados.com